Our clients ask us many question to ensure that their function runs smoothly.  Here is just a few most common ones…


  • Will you organise set-up arrangements with our chosen venue?

It is our responsibility to liaise with the venue, agreeing an appropriate set-up time and ensuring we have everything we need.

  • Are you flexible on the play time if we want you to play longer on the night?

Although your DJ is booked for a specified period, if you are enjoying the music and want us to continue, we are happy to do so at a small cost.

  • Are you able to play only the music we select?

If you have specified music choices, we are happy to play them for you.  We discuss music likes and dislikes with you prior to the event.

  • Will you play requests at the event?

You have the right to say if we should or should not accept requests.  If we do, we will always consider appropriateness of the selection before agreeing to play it.

  • Is there a microphone available?

We provide cordless microphones for your use as part of our standard package.

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